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.@ASAMorg President called on Congress to strengthen the addiction treatment workforce, improve access to evidence-based addiction treatment. #BraveActionNOW

"Under current conditions, the opioid overdose crisis is expected to worsen—with the annual number of opioid overdose deaths projected to reach nearly 82k by 2025, resulting in approximately 700k deaths from 2016 to 2025." @JAMANetworkOpen

Prescription Opioid Misuse and Projected Overdose Deaths in the United States

This system dynamics (mathematical) model projects effects of interventions to lower prescription opioid misuse on opioid overdose deaths from 2016 to...

We’re part of the #RecoveryMovement because we believe that understanding OUD as a chronic brain disease is the first step to fighting stigma. Watch what experts have to say about treating OUD with medication and check out more #BraveActionNow on our site:

“The recent increases in drug OD deaths have been so steep that they have contributed to reductions in the country’s life expectancy over the last 3 years, a pattern unprecedented since WWI.” We need #BraveActionNow to fight the deadly rise of fentanyl.

‘The Numbers Are So Staggering.’ Overdose Deaths Set a Record Last Year.

The opioid epidemic has contributed to reductions in American life expectancy over the last three years, a pattern not seen since World War II, new da...

“In 2017, more than 450,000 individuals with OUD were unable to access treatment.” @samhsagov @pewtrusts. States and local communities are implementing models that aim to increase access to OUD Treatment, but we still need more #BraveActionNow.

Innovative Approaches Can Help Improve Availability of Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

The number of people with opioid use disorder (OUD)—which is marked by a dependence on opioids, including prescription pain relievers and illicit dr...

A study found that opioid-related hospitalizations increased among patients aged 65 years and older from 2010-2015: #OpioidAwareness

Yesterday, the President of the United States signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, a wide-reaching package of legislation to help combat the opioid crisis. #BeBrave #BraveActionNow

.@AddictionPolicy summarizes 10 important provisions in the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act to respond to the opioid crisis.

Results from @samhsagov’s 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health show that, while there are positive trends indicating opioid misuse is down, heroin misuse and death rates continue to increase. #BraveActionNow

SAMHSA’s Annual Mental Health, Substance Use Data Provide Roadmap for

Today the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration released the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

Yesterday, the Surgeon General issued a spotlight on opioids to help combat a crisis that, according to preliminary reports, took the lives of nearly 48,000 people in 2017. For more info on OUD, visit . #BeBrave #BraveActionNow

Brave Action

Stay connected and informed about the opioid use disorder crisis, so together we can take brave action for change. #BraveAction #opioidcrisis

While every journey is different, there are some things we all have in common. This #BraveActionSpotlight examines 4 pillars that @samhsagov identified as key aspects of a lasting #recovery from #opioid #addiction: home, health, purpose, and community

Brave Action keeps healthcare professionals informed, empowered, and ready to support the #recovery journey of people with #opioidusedisorder #OUD. Join our quest to #stopthestigma at

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